linking armsA common problem of legal cases mounted by large numbers of people against corporations is the cost and tendency that they lead to divisions within the community.

Often corporations will deliberately seek to generate tensions within plaintiff groups. Oil Justice’s work is specifically designed to avoid such an occurrence, by developing an innovative approach in which the legal case is part of a broader, comprehensive approach to community rebuilding and achieving justice.

This ensures that the community as a whole, not just a handful of successful cases benefit from Oil Justice’s work.

woman with babyThe project model will foster cohesion within the communities, aware of its rights and able to organise to apply pressure and access justice, now and in the future. This is important as in Casanare, and in many other cases, human rights abuses are not merely historical but an ongoing issue. It is intended that our approach will serve as a model in similar scenarios.

Deighton Pierce Glynn filed Gilberto Torres’ case GT v BPXC in the High Court claiming compensation for his imprisonment, kidnapping and torture. To date DPG have worked under a conditional fee agreement on Gilberto’s case. However, to investigate other cases that have been uncovered is expensive as there are thousands of documents which need tracking down.

What the money is for

Capacity building

Pay for COSPACC workshops to help unite the community so victims and their families can share their experiences – focussing on imaginative ways of recording  communal memory. Developing social enterprise for economic regeneration.


Cover expenses of translations, interpreting and expert fees for  bringing legal cases in the UK or other jurisdictions.

Legal investigation

To pay for at least 5 hours investigation of each individual case and to advise the victim or survivor about possible legal remedies. Collect this information so it can be publicised.


Witnessing and awareness-raising: to pay for COSPACC and Colombian activists to travel to the UK to publicise the effects of multinational actions on Colombia. Community members will present their cases at the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Crimes of Transnational Corporations Listed in the London Stock Exchange, in Spring 2015